ImPaper is a social enterprise that incorporates sustainable and responsible practices into our daily actions.

From making real-life social contributions to making sure that our paper products have minimal impact on carbon footprint, our commitment to you is that you can trust our company to effortlessly reflect these values. We measure success not by the amount of products we sell, but by the scale of the impact we have on the world.

We bring forth a line of interior decor in hopes that our products will not only add that special touch to your business decor, office, desk space or room, but also reach out to our customers whether it be through inspiration or amusement.

ImPaper offers original prints and decor products in various styles, materials and sizes.

How We Contribute

We are more then just a brand, we’re a social movement. ImPaper, which stands for Impact Paper was designed to change lives. Behind our brand, we’re a young group of motivated and ambitious change makers. By purchasing our products, your supporting a better today, a better tomorrow and a better life for someone. We work with a wide variety of established non-profits and humanitarian organizations around the world to help support our efforts.

ImPaper: Designed to change lives™

ImPaper was founded on the premise of using business as a means of social change. We focus our efforts on a wide variety of causes as we believe that they are all equally important. This also means that our customers can help change the world and support specific causes they care about. We base our business model to serve our customers by addressing causes they care about and putting others first.

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